Kayleigh Flippen


Kayleigh Flippen

“young entrepreneur and plant based athlete”

As a 25 year old passionate entrepreneur, she found a passion for weightlifting, specifically, powerlifting. She was so passionate about her journey that she chose to share it with everyone via social media.

As a certified personal trainer, she started an online coaching business helping other women find their strength and change their mindset to be the best versions of themselves.

(One of the most rewarding “jobs” by the way!)
Three years ago Kayleigh and her husband started their own apparel company, Iron Culture Society. The slogan “Lift Heavy Die Strong”

She is strongly influenced by women in the powerlifting community, and her goal is to share the message that STRENGTH IS BEAUTIFUL no matter what shape or size that is.

On social media, she shares this wild journey that is her life through Instagram and youtube.
From corgi shenanigans, life struggles, and even new plant based meals that she discovered.