Our Mission

Rx Recovery, recover faster, train harder, and don't over pay. We strive to offer top of the line recovery aids, to all athletes alike, from the average Joe to the Elite Pro. Performance and recovery shouldn't be constrained by expensive price points. This is our mission, to provide top quality products for all athletes at the most cost effective prices possible.


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I am so happy to own this massage gun! It helps immensely with my plantar fasciitis pain in my feet. It’s really easy to use and stays charged for a long time! I cannot recommend this enough!


This gun is beast! I use this before skateboarding all the time and helps me go from 0 to 100 real quick! Highly suggest everyone to get this or one of the others!


My son is a D1 prospect and trains everyday. This gun has enough pressure and battery life to last him all day and get him ready for the next. This is a must have.

Daniel G