Optimal Recovery Compression Shorts
Optimal Recovery Compression Shorts
Optimal Recovery Compression Shorts

Optimal Recovery Compression Shorts

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Comes with Shorts, Compressor/Hose Attachments, and Carry Bag

Intermittent pneumatic compression is what you receive using Apex Rx Recovery Compression boots. People also refer to it as “gradient compression garments,” “peristaltic pulse technology,” “dynamic pneumatic compression,” or simply “compression therapy."


Compression helps to increase circulation of blood which spurs faster recovery. With the increase of circulation you receive better oxygenation of tissues which reduces fatigue

After you have had a tough workout, you zip yourself into these big recovery shorts. From the control panel you select from A, B, or C programs and select the level of compression that you would like to receive. The control panel also allows you to select the time with your options being 10, 20, and 30 minute timer. Once you make your selection you press the PLAY button which then  initiate the “peristaltic pulses,” made by air entering various chambers of the pants and intended to mimic the muscle pump of the legs. This lets the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems accelerate the removal of metabolic waste, which is meant to speed recovery and filter the lactic acid out of the system. 


Shorts Size Guide

  • Circumference Waist: 26-42-Inches 
  • Circumference Mid thigh: 24-Inches and under




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