Apex Rx Recovery Pro Kit
Apex Rx Recovery Pro Kit
Apex Rx Recovery Pro Kit
Apex Rx Recovery Pro Kit

Apex Rx Recovery Pro Kit

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Amped pro 2.0

The newest addition the the collection. The Amped 2.0 Pro is great for the average Joe to the Pro, who needs a rigorous pre work out warm up or some intense post work out recovery. 

Intensity Level: Pro

This is recommended for the person that wants to increase blood flow, improve mobility, relieve soreness, penetrate deep tissues, break up knots, and expedite  the recovery process. Recommended for Sports Doctors, Physical Therapists, and High Level Athletes.


The Cryo Compression knee and elbow brace is a great way to rehab stiff or injured joints while being able to move around. Apex Rx’s patented Cryo technology allows you to toss your brace in the freezer for R.I.C.E therapy along with being able to heat your compress to quell tight elbows and knees! 



Apex Rx Recovery CryoOrb. This is the perfect product for Pre AND Post workout
  • Freezes in 3 hours and provides 4-6 hours of relief for sore and injured muscles for hours of cold therapy relief
  • PERFECT FOR INJURIES: Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Fatigued Muscles, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hamstring, Shoulder Pain, Stress Relief and much more!
  • CONVENIENCE: No more freezing ice cups for post workouts to only have it melt and create a mess. 
  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION AND SWELLING: Our mixture of cryotherapy and massage techniques are proven to reduce swelling and inflammation